APPA Lex is the Average Person's Personal Assistant for those on the go in Central Kentucky!

We help everyone, from small business owners to working parents to the Average Joe... or Jane. We know that life gets hectic. There are always chores, errands and a non-stop list of things to do - and never enough time in the day to do them. So, let us take care of it for you.

No task too big or too small. Life is short - and we want to take chores and errands off your hands so you can spend time doing the things you love.

Who are we?
Allison Janbakhsh is a trained engineer. In her corporate life, she has extensive experience in project management and Lean Process Improvement. She has a Master's of Business Administration and has the skill and desire to help those around her achieve their own goals and dreams.

Laura Baker has over a decade of experience working in marketing, communications and business management. She holds Master's degrees in Marketing and Business Administration and loves helping small business owners and working parents find time for their own passions and enjoyment.